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Friday, 30 December 2011

Competition update.

Here's how my entry into the "holey places" competetion over on terragenesis is coming along, I've added plynths, steps, floors and an extra wall to my Warhammer Dungeon. All the walls are made from Celotex insulation board and the finer detail work is carved from poly board. This will probably be the last post of 2011 so I hope that everyone has a fantastic 2012.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Old School Terrain for 40k

I was recently looking through an old issue of White Dwarf and I couldn't help but notice that the terrain featured inside looked so much more interesting than the pre fab, mass produced gothic ruins that they sell today. Inspired by this sudden burst of nostalgic creativity, I got to work on a set of 4 Old School city ruins, let me know what you think in the comments box below.
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Friday, 23 December 2011

Who wants a terrain tutorial?

Here are a couple of my earlier pieces of wargames terrain, my 1st two infact. They were incredibly simple to make and not to mention lots of fun. Not including drying times, they probably took no more than an hour and a half to make each one.
If anyone would like a "How to make wargames terrain" tutorial on these or similar pieces then just leave a comment below and I promise I will make it.
Thanks for looking and don't forget to check out  my ebay page for fantastic pro painted terrain.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Flagstone floor from insulation foam. Comp entry part 1.

Any of you wargames fans out there that frequent will know that they hold regular terrain making competitions, each with a different theme. This months theme is "holey places" or something with a hole in it, I've decided to model a caved in floor for Warhammer or 40k with perhaps a dungeon underneath. I usually carve my floors from poly board but I went for a new approach this time and started hacking up some insulation foam that I got from work. Although I can't capture as much detail as I can with the poly board it seems a lot more characterful at this stage.
Here is one of the exterior walls that I have carved up, please let me know what you think by dropping a comment in the box below

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Black Reach Ork Warboss Conversion

After seeing the fantastic work featured in the 'eavy metal masterclass of their Ork Warboss, I realised I had to have a go myself.  Once I'd opened up the gun arm a little bit I filled the gap with Milliput and carved out some muscle tone the best I could. The next job was to attach the buzzsaw to his Powerclaw. I was very pleased with how he turned out in the end, in particular the flesh of the arms and the Gun holster on his back.
Peace out.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Sanctuary Destroyed. The ruined Abbey

Feast your eyes wargaming fans, for here are the largest ruins that we currently make. Measuring in at a whopping 500mm long and over 200mm high these are ruins worth fighting for. Click here for some more examples of my work 4 piece Eldar set.

New range of scenic bases

Check out our small but readily growing range of Scenic Bases. Detailed all the way down to the table top to really make your mini's stand out.

Greetings to all

Hawkman John here and this is the very 1st entry into what will hopefully become a long running blog.
I am the co creator of, creators of spectacular custom terrain for the wargames industry. We specialise in Eldar Terrain and Sci-Fi and Ancient Ruins at the moment but we are continually branching out in to new ideas and avenues.
My aim for this blog is to create some "how to videos" and also showcase some of our work.
Thanks for reading and watch this space.