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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Stone Ruins Tutorial. Part 1

As promised here is the 1st installment of my tutorial for some ancient stone ruins.

1. Using the tools pictured below in my state of the art spray booth, I turned a small piece of hardboard into an oval shaped base, it is important at this stage to make sure that your edges are nice and bevelled(sloped).
I have given the top a light sanding to allow plaster to stick a bit better in the later stages.

2. Using a piece of insulation foam (check any skips that you come across for this fantastic alternative to craft foam), roughly sketch out a random block pattern. Carefully cut out your lines and follow them around the edges and round the back.

3. Now you need to add some weathering and some battle damage to make it look suitably ancient. To do this just start widening your lines in random places and cutting out irregular chunks here there and everywhere.
Hopefully you should now be looking at something like this. Note that I have now attached the ruins to the base, with a big blob of No Nails type glue. PVA would probably suffice but I prefer No Nails as it provides a stronger bond.

This is as far as I've got tonight, part 2 will hopefully be up tomorrow.

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